Beauty in Art, Joy from the Soul 

Hey y’all, it’s been a minute since the last update, partly due to busy days and partly due to writers block (to which I’m very prone). Today, in the midst of all the hate, the crimes, the vulgar racism and radicalism, I want to remind you and myself that the beauty in this world is just as endless as the darkness. The human race is capable of incomprehensible evil, but we are also just as capable of immense and unadulterated love.

I was reminded of this today after I had the pleasure of doing something truly silly after a long time – letting loose in front of an art wall. Here is proof of said silliness:

This was, of course, one of many things we did that just brought us sheer joy in Being, in being There, in being there Together, in being Alive. And that wall of solid colors is to thank for it.

Just the simplest of things – a painted wall – can bring such great, unforgettable joy. Every time the world seems hopeless, every time I see evil victorious, I want to remember the moment of pure joy in the light, the moment of innocent enjoyment we experienced in front of a wall simply painted with colors, the moment where the power of this simple art reminded me why it is such a blessing to be alive.

I actually ended up writing poetry today after a three month long dry spell and feel compelled to share it here (a friend told me he actually reads this blog, feel free to let me know what you think buddy). It’s titled “Forever Forward”:

I’m not unbreakable

I break, I get hurt

I stress, I’m only human

But in that humanity

In that disgrace

I grow strong

I have the soul of a warrior

And the fire of life

Burning in the light

That is my soul

I never give up

On myself

On life

On the people I love

Without hope

There is no life

And to death

I refuse to yield my treasure

I spent so long

Looking for the magical

Learning from the fantastical

I almost forgot true magic –

The magic of life itself

That we can exist

That the universe exists

That there is balance

Even in the tiniest atom

Even if chaos reigns supreme

In the human realms

And with perspective

I had the courage to recall

The miracle of breath

The gift of friendship

The comfort of love

And I found myself freed

Of the hatred in ignorance

Of the resentment in failure

Of the anger in abandonment

Of the fear in living

And once more

My warrior soul burns

With an unquenchable fire

As the path leads on

Forever forward

That’s all for today, folks. Happy Saturday y’all! Have a great weekend!

Author: sakurascorpion

I love music, books, people, jewelry, art and Chemistry. I'm a science geek and a sci-fi nerd. Writing is my way of expressing myself. People bring me joy and pain. Music is the most universal language of the soul and I absolutely revel in it. Art is the beauty of the human soul in an image. War and politics sicken me. I would love to travel everywhere. I can't wait to meet the world!

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