Feeling Fall in my Bones

There is so much anticipation in the air. The holidays are approaching, gift shopping and sales are everywhere and for some lucky people, the leaves are changing colors and nature is glowing with its resplendent beauty. Pumpkin spice lattes have returned (YAS!!!) and sweaters and boots and scarves abound. If you couldn’t tell already, in my opinion, Fall is the best time of the year!

It is also, somehow, the loneliest part of the year. If you aren’t blessed with a loved one to cuddle, you wish you were. You want to go on hay rides and to pumpkin patches but going alone seems somehow inappropriate (unless it’s a family/friends event). You want to enjoy romantic walks with falling leaves but doing so alone just makes you feel the lack of. You want to dress up for Halloween and maybe go to a party…but unless you have a bunch of single friends, this is likely more of a family oriented event by the time you reach my age. In short, you are stuck between a cold emptiness next to you and the knowledge that you will have to show up without a partner again to all your family gatherings.

I am So Excited to be able to have an actual Fall down here in Texas this year though. We didn’t get one last year. I LOVE this season. This weather is also perfect for cuddling with a book next to a fire or in your warm bed. Or getting comfortable in your favorite sweater and going shopping at all the outdoor markets. Or warming your hands up on a hot chocolate or coffee or pumpkin spice latte (yes, I’m obsessed). Or going to the Renaissance Festival if you can make it to Texas. Or attending various cons happening all over the place. Or becoming an impromptu model for an impromptu photoshoot because the weather is nice. Or really so Many other activities that I love everything about this time of year.

The mostly clear blue skies, the fresh, crisp air, the sound of wind through the trees, carrying the scent of change, whispering with delighted anticipation for more things to come – I Love it All. I look forward to experiencing all its nuances and variations in the weeks to come. I hope all of you are also enjoying lovely weather and the infectious anticipation this season brings.

Happy Fall Y’all!


Author: sakurascorpion

I love music, books, people, jewelry, art and Chemistry. I'm a science geek and a sci-fi nerd. Writing is my way of expressing myself. People bring me joy and pain. Music is the most universal language of the soul and I absolutely revel in it. Art is the beauty of the human soul in an image. War and politics sicken me. I would love to travel everywhere. I can't wait to meet the world!

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