Hi y’all, sorry it has been a while since my last update. I know it has been a long time coming,  but I promise this one is totally worth the wait.

I had the pleasure of attending the 10th annual Midtown Art in the Park event in Houston a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t even aware of the existence of this annual event until this year and I must say I’m really  happy I found out.

The event was held in Baldwin Park which is absolutely beautiful all on its own. Though parking can be a hassle, the area itself is peaceful and the neighborhood is gorgeous. I imagine this event brought a lot more people to the location than is usual. However, the park boasts some of the most amazing trees and is complete with a playground. While sitting on a bench and enjoying lunch there from a food truck, I actually saw a photo shoot for a wedding party! It was so cool I had to take pictures, and here they are!


As you can see, the setting was perfect for this somewhat cloudy afternoon. The slightly gloomy day didn’t stop myself and many others from enjoying the event and for good reason. The real stars of the day were the artists who had come to display their wares! I will discuss them in the order that I found them and experienced their art. Before that, here’s a visual of the sprawl of tents that were being blown about by winds:


I was completely enthralled by the fact that they set up the tents under the gorgeous trees and created an almost fairy tale environment. The first artist I came across certainly did not disappoint. Mr. Michael Moore had his Hot Glass Works stall set up close to my entry point. I am a big fan of glass work and decided on a whim to step in and see what he had to offer. Suffice it to say, I was Not disappointed. He allowed me to take pictures of his work to share. May I say, if you can, please do purchase his work – it’s high quality, unique and affordable as seen below:

As you can see, he had everything from jewelry to glass bowls to wine bottle shaped hor dourves plates. Every piece was different from every other. I absolutely loved the glass work musicians and tree. I purchased rings for myself and my  sister and have no regrets. Definitely hoping to see Mr. Moore’s stall again at some time.

The second artist I talked to was right next  door to Mr. Moore. She stood out in that she had no signs up, in fact she had no tent set up either. Her artwork was simply on display for anyone to walk by and see. I totally loved that I didn’t have  to stop and duck into a tent to see her work. I do worry for her paintings though, seeing as Houston is prone to humidity and weather is always an issue. Regardless, Ms. Mary Gullete had some absolutely lovely work on display as is seen below in my personal favorites of her collection:


All of her work is acrylic and oil on canvas and ranges from peaceful to precious. She priced her work really fairly and was incredibly helpful. The link in her name will take you to her email address. If you are interested, definitely hit her up!

Another artist I absolutely loved talking to was Ms. Tyler Kay, art director of the Bisong Art Gallery. She does a variety of paintings on commission and her Instagram is a great way to keep up with her work! Absolutely loved her and her dog Shasta. Check  out these beauties below:


The versatility of her work is obvious from the variety seen above. My personal favorite was the last painting made with resin. If you have any  kind of commission in mind, from resin work to painting, she is the one to contact!

After a great few minutes of chatting with Tyler, I happened upon the works for Jo Edwards. This wonderful lady had just the most stunning paintings in acrylic on canvas:

It was so beautiful that I wanted every single piece she had to sell, and she had already sold quite a lot of her inventory by the time I got to her. I actually ended up purchasing the trio of paintings in the bottom right for my Mom (who absolutely loved them and put them up in her room!). Ms. Edwards is a prolific painter and has inventory available on her website. Love her work and definitely recommend her!

In addition to painting, I also happened upon an extremely unique photographer Kristy Allmon of Enchanted photodesign whose pictures were pure art. I don’t need to say anything about how amazing they were, they speak for themselves. And yes, they really are pictures, not paintings as I first thought they were. I found myself completely enchanted with her work!


In a totally different vein, I had the pleasure of meeting Louis Gonzalez “Chingon”, the artist behind Luna Art Works. I didn’t feel I could do his work justice so I didn’t take any pictures of his work on site. However, his website has his portfolio available to view online as well as his contact information. His work was very reasonably priced and incredibly original. It spoke to me the moment I saw it. After talking to him, I found out that a lot of his pieces are inspired by people he has lost. His art is a tribute to their memories. Please do check him out! Here’s a screen shot of my favorite work by Mr. Gonzalez:


I hope you enjoy the art of these artists as much as I did! There were many others present at the show but these few artists stood out the  most to me that day. I can’t wait to see what all of them will come up with next!